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For many centuries, beneath the gentle sun of the proto-Ukrainian steppes, the Scythians reigned — valiant warriors, skilled weavers, and unmatched jewelers.

They possessed a remarkable culture, traditions, and arts, leaving behind masterful artifacts.

The uniqueness and unparalleled artistic talent of the Scythians inspired the creation of the "SCYTHIANS" collection, developed by Nesamovýto and Ni Grama Dramy.

The sense of the "SCYTHIANS" collection is the revival of the beauty of the past for the sake of the beauty of the future.

The grandeur, symbolism, and captivating magnificence of our ancestors' artistry must become more than just a page in history or an exhibit in a museum.

The powerful Scythian culture, reimagined through the lens of the present, does not remain in the past. It creates a new future.